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Liquidity advantage through fiscal customs clearance in the EU

The direct taxation charge on importation often constitutes a significant item in the totality of the purchase financing. The period until the VAT refund, as part of the sales tax return, of the input tax deduction is long. With a quarterly reporting requirement, the funding period can often take several months.

Under EU law, however, there are interesting opportunities to significantly reduce this financial burden. If a German company imports its goods via another EU country in which it is not registered under tax law, the immediate payment of import VAT can be completely avoided.

In this case, the German company authorizes a so-called fiscal representative who represents it in the EU.

Your Cargo SEAL team will be happy to personally explain to you about the advantages of fiscal customs clearance within the EU and the associated transport routes.

Liquidity advantage through your own deferral account

As you know for sure, when importing a good into the EU, the applicable import turnover taxes and customs duties are due. These are payable directly upon importation in full and often represent a not inconsiderable part of the pre-financing in addition to the production costs.

We therefore recommend that you use your own EUSt extradition account without security deposits. A separate account for customs duties is possible and useful in individual cases, but must then be secured by a bank guarantee.

With your own EUSt holdup account you will receive:

• An interest-free payment deferral, which ranges from 15 to max. 45 days.
(the EUSt fees are debited by the Bundeskasse on the 16th of the following month by direct debit)
Example: Import on 01.12.2018 / Debit on 16.01.2019

The application time is about 4-6 weeks. In addition to some bureaucratic formalities a perfect fiscal reputation is important and when debiting the Federal Treasury Trier your account must (always) have sufficient coverage.

We will be happy to assist you with further advice and assistance!

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