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You all know the problems in the sea freight, Cargo SEAL has helpful solutions for you!

Today's long transit times of container ships from China to Europe often cause great difficulties for importers. Also in export and import handling more time is needed these days. While a transport could be arranged in 28 to 30 days back in the year 2000 today you must expect around 42 to 45 days!

Although we can not reduce the travel time of the container ships, we optimize the processes for handling at the point of loading and destination and can often reduce the total transit time by a good 5 to 7 days compared to our competitors.

Cargo SEAL offers loading from all important production sites and seaports ex China via a special loading community. We use the available capacities of our partners, offer multiple vessel departures per week with the best possible terms and are more flexible in handling and can thus respond even more effectively to your demands!

Our loading community offers you the perfect service for your personal needs. We always focus on ocean freight first, we want to keep this option open for you as long as possible. Only when this is actually no longer possible we will calculate for you the loading by a different mode of transport. Your big advantage: with the train we only need about half of the time the movement by seafreight woud take!

With our loading community, we support your special requirements and offer very special transport solutions. We always react flexibly and quickly and we also have almost daily departures to Europe for you by train.

Whether by ship or train, through always available freight volumes and many years of experience in FCL optimization, we will always find the perfect transport solution for you. Tell us your specifications, we are happy to support you with the perfect  transport solution from China to Europe!

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